Rights in the property in this is gonna give you the right to remark at the property I’m in order to flip it an earlier pro ponce you get under contract you gain equitable rights your turn back on telemarketing this time were marketing or catch fire database now because we’re offering the property out to the rest of the world at a big discount from retail want two things is gonna happen I do you’re gonna have occur database.

3that cash buyers and one of them was gonna step tow ardor your marketing is gonna draw a Cal Fire in your world at this point one somebody steps for you’re going to negotiate with them and put it under contract at a discount so as you can see when we acquired the property from the motivated seller we negotiated in got under contract at a significant discount when we worked with their catch fire we put it up to the world. www.wcvaluers.com.au

in negotiating got a contract at a discount the difference between significant discounting discount is where the power broker sand this is where we turn our profit as the wholesaler now we actually close of the transaction and want to wait method number one is called the assignment method number two is a process called the double close mama breakdown both assignments and double closes more here in a sec for right now just understand that this is where the flip occurs none of these processes and how it actually close.

out the transaction at this point I wanna go over and show you exactly how wholesaling fit in your overall businessperson new investors always ask me how does wholesaling bitten your overall investing model or the overall strategy and I think always answered with it depends on whether or not you want casework cash later see when I first started wholesaling was percent my investing strategy because I had no other money no credit no experience in no real network so I could soother types of transactions as I got.

The debt dynamics all right now let’s talk overalls crisis that started in to gather pace in and I spent two basic responses there’s been a response that we’ve seen in thereupon austerity we’ve also seen this response in the air as out and then there’s the idea I love spending our deficit spending our Keynesian spending that we’ve seen in the United States both approaches have failed.

out why is that in what should be the right approach in general max Asturias in it downturn as always the wrong policy because what you have is an economy without private sector is stop spending and the if I have a deficiency of demand and if you’re the president but government doing the same thing at the same time you’re basically add to downturn people often think that the government.

4you know what makes yes it gets things wrong eccentric set traps yep it’s a bit like saying let’s imagine you’ve got a room which is being phrasing that the chairperson outsider air conditioning on like like what’s called anesthetic stabilizer that’s the role of government spending in that situation economy turns down the government necessarily clicks lists expression year spends more on will stay it runs a deficit unified stance with cash for they wouldn’t otherwise have to get them out of the downturn or something.

going completely bankrupt during the downturn that’s a normal response it’s this that the government spending which is the next level the usual cans in sort of thing baptist barely worked this time round I would like to mention we’re very goodhearted been that what a medic stabilizer a big muscles that a lot subprogram it certainly hasn’t been enough to turn the spectrum areas massive downturn back to our usual recovery cycle the reason it hasn’t worked is because this is driven not just by the usual slow down the right about the day a slowdown uneconomic growth at the same time this is massive deleveraging the private sector is bars Hill Way its way into enormous levels.www.melbournevaluers.net.au

I have to admit that the one is autumn market a gun market but it’s the market it done but I like it stock marketfun to marketthe stock market got it done getting a a video not stock market got a good manygot a waste of moneyit is a pity she lied to item that is stock market got it done that’s it i demis percentget %uh percent minus.


What bennett what is -I fight but despite and market at risk be mehot nminus out if is one behind market may pass a lie nigga riskwas Cup premium kidnap a saintbunch a better megalomania about how they don’t development within that bigup%uh that market go back to the local market will J but now they gotbiatch is out that they got Dubai and other data because many scaleI will be over that one.

I to odd mins I def political BS in legal economicmeet up because that’s a good day to all company good a dealmarket could mean a toke is cleared up companyto what is meet uprelation all the companymiddle-market relation of thegot me mid-market better define it something that is on a sensitivity.

Sydney Property Valuation of the company with the market now if I tell you one daythat market was up like that but that doesn’t mean every stop was up by percent get it happened at one something well by percent any don’t happen atonce on the sidewalk onlyyeah to YouTube relational gonna its creationstock %uh relation mad about mediation caskets atmarket cycles but look at that me don’t you I did that so then started a highlydoubt that aside and such a job will be doneone is considered as me to admit to be done that means if market was up by percent stop we got to go by Gatemouth and that is why not meet.

15professor faces a star self-styled more call are successful I’ll are everything’s very very accessible awe have everything remain you have a certain or shopping center all year medical facilities Orson ours recovery good performance time for in the morning when we don’t have thermostatically very on the prospect of airplanes squalls called was spreading things parts never be a develop workers for you.

Wakefield as far as on aquas Justin Wilson lot support Group absolutely nothing for consultation sends there’s little there’s lots to see democracy yeah of any of them anyway by Brisbane cultures nosed thankful are here we are in our what would be considered it like Asian where on the North nominees for the all-Ireland am approximately fifty to seventy miles apart but like in the water single mom is a typical example.

all Marshall’s allotment square measures approximately it’s a mosque leader Laughton I’m sorry trees on this particular one something like this was not on the market but some are this you would expect to pay somewhere and the ht minute or two thousand dollars condescending call if they do on a fielder on and with the caller you put a horse hi you can have used ok before me here case of something that’s fairly typical all all the high in in tries to bring this is a location property process right here ever sporting rifle. www.brisbanepropertyvaluations.com.au

respect us buying style that more triggering disbursement three-bedroom property something on the ship it secured for my good investor some the following day on hang on picture pickles citations everyplace is pretty cool what we would call an entry-level football depending on location and the all in one movie walking on the sidewalk on the

44Distinction because we can see that belie the green Brisbane Property Valuations lawn is really where lot of the discretionary spending is actually done and that’s where a lot of the waste is done so Potter the cash by management is-in twos to PHIS is understanding how the cash flow goes underneath your route so you can track any surplus and use that supposed to actually invest in whatever your preferences and obviously.

properties a strong preference for you bison your tenants to live better without getting this under control I’m really that’s the tough part and so that’s the first part the second part of it is then being overseen houselights the purchases I’m your life all these affect you wanna Boston investment properties and interest right to different and I guess levels and also real of events childcare renovated kitchen going on holiday all that sort of stuff and that’s really what we’re gonna doing been so she’s gonna sure how they’ll comes.

to give the law I’ve I’m and and thrown over Tsitsihar any questions around as well so here’s some other things that we go into and when we’re trying to understand what it is that we need to and unpack in in helping someone builder plan and I guess in the financial planning industry that the force that boss am bins leading the charge for his role as the chair for the investment officials try to have a have a foremost I’m lost the time rights to two properties well in these some other variables I’m that we actually go through to to achieve.

that last part is the defense and am really this three things that we need to consider here is as part of the defense and we need to protect their asset sand selected typically this informal you know whether beauty insurance so whether it’s landlords protection insurance am so that you can protect that’s on top of all that-the other thing that we need to defend.

look for and I think one other things for longevity me some humility yours doesn’t always go with a great salesperson sometimes ahead gets a big divisive self-destruct if you got the humility can still be a very confident person with yourself but that humble Papa something that other Valuation NSW people find very appealing heavy build I’ll will class culture in your business what one is we have big dreams you know.

that just to go to work in this go throughout thing you read i is not particularly exciting people sir businesses grow not only in its saw as per the the diversity of what it does we’re involved in now hotel sales right throughout the country were involved in selling bite when you the first time ever I want Marine Way involved in overseas operations and so on and this gives the broader group who might just be working selling residential real estates sense that this is a company that’s on the move that hastes under clear direction and that’s putting all the pieces in place that makes for a successful business but we also have some.

17very basic fundamentals this fall really keywords for your business openness for people very open not to keep some things secretive or top on each others back to be open the honest up the second is to be honest and thatch soften something that sometimes people will cite cite but doesn’t quite go but we absolutely believe in honesty I have a nice loving to withering porno Street others as you’d like to be treated with the clients over fellow workers within theoretician fairness you know they love him is will it run pull a blanket more so on this all things the ghetto why with an often but I want have a sustainable relationship my one last the long-term and Sun famous it’s a bad or I let’s yeah it’s a win-win situation if you get that so the situation running right through and offers you got.

And effort that you put in reflected in your income no what this point if I’m told you have the job reality is you also exactly the kind of person you can succeed and thrive in this profession so if you can handle the hard truth contact us to died hey acid I just want to give you likes that ten tips about investing in real estate dried and how to make money www.sydneypropertyvaluation.com.au in real estate.

And the first one is actually start with a goal to make sure that they have a dream actually know why you doing and drive what is the ultimate objective with your real estate investments raise many people forget all about that brought second thing once you know where you goings up to think about your budget how much money do you actually had to upset the INA be able to buy the first property make sure that you know you know what kind of money you gonna be able to spend the other thing is right don’t underestimate the costs all the property.

On going ’cause sponsored by right things I prepare rights to buy probably some you know some other cause that on possible cost so make sure that you understand don’t underestimate does cost the next one is part number pause by an area where it’s actually got potential for adults the bonnet growth area well you know there’s a big upside to you not to that property at all stop cannot be realistic right you know that you don’t have to put some work into theses build some sweat equity.

what I mean by that is is actually that you don’t know maybe add some value to the property my parents used to renovate properties on the weekends and pie and scribe and all that time into it every time millionaires from just an ordinary job to put some effort into it yourself and it’ll give you a returns down the track the other thing is ripe done. luxury out houses brought by the median price friends because if the market turns on you unexpectedly you can always sell those laws bras properties was the very expensive probably is a very hot the cell but and remember don’t make your decisions.

Revenue Department Administrator Ronne Harvell, who oversees liquor licenses in Decatur, said he wasn’t aware of the bill. “It sounds like it would just be up to the council what they wanted to do,” he said. It would increase revenue because it would be an extra day, but I don’t think it would be a huge amount. Cities and counties that already have Sunday alcohol sales had to go to the Legislature for permission to allow it through a referendum or council action.

Conveyancing Service Report

The bills would make it easier to approve sales by removing a step. Tuscaloosa settlement agents perth officials have failed to get bills approved that would allow Sunday sales in that college town. State Rep. Bryant Melton Jr. , D-Tuscaloosa, said the issue to him is economic development. Sen. Bobby Denton, D-Muscle Shoals, doesn’t agree with Sunday alcohol sales but might go along if the bill allowed for sales only inside hotels or at conventions and gave smaller cities the same rights as larger ones.

A few smaller ones including Auburn, Opelika and some Baldwin County cities also have Sunday sales. Police are investigating the rape and assault of a 60-year-old woman at her Decatur residence Saturday. Police said the woman heard a knock on her West Moulton Street door about 10 p. m. , opened it slightly and a man about 40 years old forced his way inside and placed a knife to her throat. He repeatedly beat her during the rape, police said, and remained in her home until 3 a. m. Police described him as black, about 5 feet 11 inches tall, 225 pounds with a moustache and thin beard.

Beverly Clevenger said she will always shop in Hartselle’s historic district on Main Street. But if the council removes the aging canopies that offer shelter from the sun and rain, Clevenger said her trips will be shorter and less frequent. “I have a lot of friends from out of town who come down here with me.

” he told the audience.Then you turned your attention to Oscar and really focused on what he work.Howard, who spoke at the Rev. Al Norton’s Kooken Avenue conveyancing sydney  church at Sunday services and again Monday night, said before the program that 9-11 took away his ability to easily transport his pistol and rifle — carbon copies of the ones the actor owned — when flying to engagements.”I’d have to overnight them, and I don’t trust the airlines.

I’d rather have them with me as all my photos show, but it became such a hassle, although they won’t fire,” he said.It’s easier when Howard is able to travel in a motor home for the ministry, which he started 27 years ago.”John Wayne didn’t get to looking like me until 16 years ago,” he laughed.Actually, I had no interest in him until I began to understand what a great patriot he was, standing up for our Vietnam veterans as he did and for our country generally.Then someone said, ‘You know, you look like the Duke, and you sound like the Duke.’

So I’ve used the actor as a tool to draw people to my message.Howard preaches in Baptist churches and also entertains other Christian groups with after-dinner speaking, using patriotism and humor, mixed with a promotion of Christian values.God has provided everything I need and opens doors for me.Howard,, who said his father was alcoholic and absent during his formative years,

said a large liquor distributor offered him a lucrative contract for advertising as a John Wayne impersonator after a Houston newspaper profiled him.”He was a marketing fellow, and I asked him if he read my story,” Howard said.He said he had not. I told him that both he and his boss should go back and read it, and that if they had, they would have known there was no reason to call.You can’t hang on to Jesus and hang on to the world,” he said

The Whitehorse Health Centre is organizing the event to challenge the Guinness World Book records of the most moms breastfeeding simultaneously and the most moms breastfeeding in a geographic area. This fits in well with breast health awareness because studies show that women who breastfeed have a reduced incidence of breast cancer. We are constantly learning new ways to help protect ourselves from this disease. Other events taking place throughout the month include window and table displays, newspaper inserts and advertisements.

Women seeking more information on breast health should speak with their health care providers. WHITEHORSE – The Yukon government is contributing more than $135,000 to help meet Team Yukon’s administration and travel costs to participate in the Western Canada Summer Games in Manitoba next year. The Yukon government and the Yukon Lottery Commission have also agreed to equally share a contribution of $97,000 toward the Team’s travel costs next year. About 129 Yukoners, most of them young athletes, are expected to form the Team Yukon contingent to the Games. I believe that after the 2003 Games are over, this investment in our youth will pay dividends long into the future. I’m very pleased that we’re able to lend this support to Team Yukon organizers and competitors as they work to achieve their dreams. Read More: Act Conveyancing Sydney

The Western Canada Summer Games are one of the few opportunities for Yukon athletes involved in summer sports to compete in multi-sport games. The 2003 Games will serve as a valuable training opportunity for Yukon athletes who will be candidates to participate in the 2005 Canada Summer Games. WHITEHORSE – The BC business community is being lobbied to join in Yukon’s efforts to support two Northern pipelines. Energy, Mines and Resources Minister Scott Kent is the keynote speaker at a Duke Energy sponsored Vancouver Board of Trade meeting this afternoon. Kent will discuss the economic impact of the construction and operation of the proposed Alaska Highway Pipeline Project.

He will detail how the Yukon government quantifies the benefits and how industry can help plan for the project in order to maximize the benefits for British Columbia, and for Canada. Canadians should embrace the opportunities presented by the construction of two world class pipeline projects, The Vancouver Board of Trade has over 4,400 members in all industries. Brad D.